Schaumburg Oyanokai Lunch Order Form

Spring 2022: Lunch dates from Feb. 2022 to May 2022 only


  1. Please complete one order form per student.
  2. Since we have to place the order in advance, late orders WILL NOT be accepted.
  3. No Refunds. Please pick up your child's lunch if absent. If you would like your child to bring leftovers back home then please have your child bring an empty container with them to school that day.
  4. Ingredient list available upon request.
  5. In light of the fact that this food is prepared off site, trace amounts of peanuts and other nuts may be present. If your child is allergic to nuts or other food substance(s), caution should be exercised.

Please visit the following link for sample photos of the food:

If you have any questions, please contact (日本語/English): [email protected]

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Obento Lunch Order

Mondays: M Square Catering in Des Plaines

Price: Small $5.75 / Large $6.50 each

Obento A

California Roll - S: 8pcs, L: 10pcs

Karaage (Japanese style fried chicken) - S: 2pcs, L: 3pcs

Obento B

Nishoku Don (A bowl of rice topped with seasoned beef and eggs)

  2/14 2/28 3/14 3/28 4/11 4/25 5/9 5/23 Price Total
Obento A Small $5.75 $0.00
Large $6.50 $0.00
Obento B Small $5.75 $0.00
Large $6.50 $0.00
Obento Grand Total: $0.00

Banzai Lunch Order

Wednesdays: Sozai Banzai in Arlington Heights

Price: Small $5.75 / Large $6.75 each


Yakisoba (Japanese stir fried noodles), Karaage (Japanese style fried chicken), Edamame

  2/9 2/23 3/9 3/30 4/6 4/20 5/18 Price Total
Banzai Small $5.75 $0.00
Large $6.75 $0.00
Banzai Grand Total: $0.00

Japanese Bread Lunch Order

Wednesdays: Bakery Crescent in Arlington Heights

Price: $3.00 each

  2/2 2/16 3/2 3/16 4/13 4/27 5/11 Price Total
Japanese Bread Chocolate Cream
$3.00 $0.00
Melon Pan (Sugar Bread)
$3.00 $0.00
Hot Dog Pan
$3.00 $0.00
Japanese Bread Grand Total: $0.00

Payment Information

You can pay for your lunch order by PayPal or check. Further instructions will be provided after you complete this form.

Note: A small convenience fee will be charged when using PayPal.

Note: If you choose to pay by check, the check must be received by 12/17.