SO Lunches

We provide Dooley School students with delicious lunch options during the school year

Teacher Grants

Schaumburg Oyanokai (SO) provides to teachers grants to support as many programs as possible, to fund or reimburse for Japanese cultural education items, events or resource materials

Japanese Company Tours

Addams’ 7th & 8th grade Japanese Dual Language JAPANESE COMPANY TOURS

Namerikawa Penpal Exchange

Schaumburg Oyanokai (SO) provides students of dual language the opportunity to have a Namerikawa Penpal

United Airline Tours

Schaumburg Oyanokai (SO) organized United Airline Tours

District 211 School Board Presentation (Dec 2015)

In Dec 2015, Schaumburg Oyanokai (SO) presented to the District 211 School Board the need for a Japanese Dual program in this High School district

Japanese Speech Contest

Schaumburg Oyanokai (SO) offered to dual language students the opportunity to participate in a Japanese Speech Contest